Publications written or edited by Shri Raghavan Iyer

Sacred Texts

This series of fresh renderings of sacred texts from the world’s chief religions is an inspiring testament to the universality of the human spirit. Each text is accompanied by an instructive essay as an aid to reflection. In the ancient world, before the proliferation of print, seekers of wisdom thought it a great privilege to learn a text, and sought oral instruction from a Teacher in the quest for enlightenment. The scriptures of all traditions are guides to the attainment of serene continuity of consciousness through the practice of self-study, self-transcendence and self-regeneration in daily life.

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From the Final Teachings of the Buddha

The first book ever printed (868 C.E.), this sutra is the core of Buddha’s final teaching and is here freshly rendered. Included are a new rendition of The Heart Sutra, selections from other Buddhist scriptures, and three essays, “Buddhi Yoga”, “The Diamond Heart” and “The Message of Gautama Buddha”.


A Garland of Ancient Hindu Wisdom

From the oldest Hindu tradition, Return to Shiva lays a firm philosophical foundation based upon the transmission of ancient wisdom by the Sage Valmiki. Presented in eighteen selections from the Yoga Vasishtha Maharamayana, the text presents ideas as pertinent today as they were in Rama’s time. Cosmology, psychology and a refined mode of living are presented in terms of higher states of consciousness. The book includes an instructive essay, “Jnana Yagna”, by Raghavan Iyer and concludes with “The Ten-Versed Hymn” of Sri Shankaracharya and a glossary of terms.


Sacred Teachings of the Sikhs

This is an elegant and moving rendition of apt selections from the Adi Granth, the sacred scripture of the Sikhs. The stanzas offered here, including the sublime Japji, were largely composed by Guru Nanak, the sixteenth-century founder of the Sikh faith, and they reflect his fervent universality which invoked the supreme Deity behind multitudinous manifestations. 



The Jaina Path of Freedom

This luminous translation of a fundamental Jain scripture is on self-purification, leading to emancipation from bondage to karma. The text is accompanied by a general introduction to the Jain tradition and a specific consideration of this scripture, plus a glossary.


With the Commentary of Hierocles

The essential wisdom of Pythagorean thought is presented in the Golden Verses. The reader will be struck by their clarity and their relevance to the evolving Aquarian movements of today. An essay on “Pythagoras and His School” is provided as well as the extensive Commentary by Hierocles.


The Sermons of Zoroaster

This text makes available the oldest scriptures of Zoroastrianism. Also included are “The Zoroastrian Philosophy and Way of Life”, and “Ormuzd and Ahriman”, an essay from the last century offering impor­tant clues to this somewhat misunderstood tradition.


The Essence of Islamic Mysticism

by lbn Al-‘Arabi

Islamic thought, exemplified within the Sufi movement, joins effortlessly with other religious traditions in The Seals of Wisdom. Eleven selections from the central work of Ibn Al-‘Arabi, the most renowned Muslim philosopher, are preceded by an introductory essay, “The Current of Islam”.


The Mystical Meaning of Genesis

For those seeking to explore the depths of Judaic religion, this extract from the mystical Zohar will provide a critical piont of entry. A generous selection from Bereshith, the first part of the Zohar, is accompanied by Qabbalistic diagrams and an introductory essay.