“Never again will Krishna, Zarathustra or Jesus come back as persons recognizable as Krishna, Zarathustra or Jesus, for the movement of the spirit is non-repetitive, invariably unique in every manifestation of its single essence. The Teacher of today will draw afresh from the timeless spring of truth and he will fill a new cup fashioned by the need of the new world age. Whoso has the heart to lift the cup to his burning lips will be healed and, then only, live….Great Teachers inspire and transform their devotees by the influence of their living presence.”  —Phiroz Mehta

“Our duty is to keep  alive in man his spiritual intuitions.”  —H.P. Blavatsky

“The Philosophy of Perfection of Krishna, the Religion of Responsibility of the Buddha, and the Science of Spirituality of Shankara, constitute the Pythagorean teaching of the Aquarian Age of Universal Enlightenment.” —Shri Raghavan Iyer


The Maitreya Academy is dedicated to furthering the global, altruistic work of the Theosophical Movement. The latter is limitless in its scope and activities as it reaches back in its origins to the awakening of self-conscious intelligence in humanity over eighteen million years ago. As such, the Movement is coeval with the expansive, sustaining and regenerative dynamics of spiritual, intellectual and material evolution. The eternally vigilant caretakers of this sacred, ever-revolutionary Movement are the mahatmas, sages and bodhisattvas of all epochs and cultures who consciously assume responsibility for the guidance and progressive enlightenment of human beings. In the current age of Kali Yuga when material values have displaced spiritual ones, the holy custodians of Spiritual Knowledge adopt numerous modalities of reigniting the fire of spiritual aspiration in human souls everywhere. One such modality is that of the appropriate dissemination of the multi-dimensional teachings of Theosophia (Divine Wisdom), which supersedes and yet is vibrantly present in all religions, philosophies, and sciences. In order to promulgate the seminal and universal axioms of Theosophia, (also referred to as Gupta Vidya) sages, adepts and proven disciples voluntarily enter the world of  struggling, confused and often perverse human beings to remind them of their all but forgotten, divine destiny, of their Golden Age intuitions, and of the creative powers latent in human consciousness.

This website is consecrated to presenting the luminous teachings of Gupta Vidya by Shri Raghavan Iyer – a profound spiritual philosopher, a luminous purveyor of the timeless wisdom of spiritual teachers across continents and epochs, and a wise magician of the heart. His brilliant writings and spiritually penetrating talks were given from 1963 to 1995. They span the spectrum from metaphysics to science, from politics to literature, from ethics to psychology; all within the ever-expansive, revolutionary orbit of the perennial philosophy. The teachings of Gupta Vidya embody the very spirit of the Maitreya Academy, which is to cultivate a ‘spiritual intellectuality’ — the triadic synthesis of soul intuition, impersonal thought, and universal ethics giving birth to true magnanimity and uttermost compassion in the genuine seeker and willing servant of universal justice.