Aquarian Axioms

  1.    Life is built up by the sacrifice of the individual to the whole. Each cell in the living body must sacrifice itself to the perfection of the whole; when it is otherwise, disease and death enforce the lesson.
  2.   Harmony is the law of life, discord its shadow; whence springs suffering, the teacher, the awakener of consciousness.
  3.   To obtain the knowledge of Self is a greater achievement than to command the elements or to know the future.
  4.   Self-knowledge is unattainable by what men usually call ‘self-analysis’. It is not reached by reasoning or any brain-powers.
  5.   Real Self-knowledge is the awakening to consciousness of the divine nature of man.
  6.   Will creates intelligently; Desire blindly and unconsciously.
  7.   When desire is for the purely abstract – when it has lost all trace or tinge of ‘self’ – then it has become pure.
  8.   Spirituality is not what we understand by the words ‘virtue’ and ‘goodness’. It is the power of perceiving formless, spiritual essences.
  9.   The discovery and right use of the true essence of Being; ­this is the whole secret of life.
  10.  You cannot build a Temple of Truth by hammering dead stones. Its foundations must precipitate themselves like crystals from the solution of Life.

(Ancient axioms from a compilation made by H.P. Blavatsky in 1890)