The Secret Doctrine Series

Each of these 18 pamphlets focuses upon a key theme for study and reflection. Selected passages from The Secret Doctrine are correlated with other seminal articles from such publications as The Theosophist, Lucifer, La Revue Theosophique, and Transactions of The Blavatsky Lodge. All text is by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

The Gupta Vidya $6.50  
The Book of Dzyan $9.00
Glyphs and Symbols $9.00
Gods, Monads and Atoms $9.00
The Great Sacrifice $9.00
Globes, Rounds and Races $9.00
Space $6.50
Duration $6.50
Motion $6.50
The Logos $6.50
Cosmic Hierarchies $6.50
Cyclic Evolution $9.00
Meta-Geometry $6.50
Meta-Astronomy $6.50
Meta-Biology $6.50
Meta-Psychology $9.00
Meta-Chemistry $6.50
Meta-Geology $9.00